29th adidas Runners City Night Inline Skating on 1 August 2020

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Information about registration

  • Categories

    Separate rankings for men and women. Categories according to the German Rollersports and Inline Federation (DRIV).

    Category Year of brith
    2006 - 2007
    2004 - 2005
    Juniors 2002 - 2003
    Seniors 1991 - 2001
    Masters 1990 and older
  • Confirmation / Start card

    You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully registered.

    During the event week, you will  receive additional participant information and your start card for your race material pick-up by Email automatically.

    You will need to have a photo ID to pick up your race materials.

  • Distances

    10 km
    Inline Skating
    5 km
    10 km
  • Double start running/skating - ranking method

    There is the possibility to register as a double starter (skating and running). A special rating system will be used for that.

    For the calculation of the final race time for double starters, the skating time will count more than the running time (skaters only take half the time for the course then runners). Before the summation of the participant`s running and skating time, the skating times will be multiplied by a quotient which is determined through the winning runners' time (male and female) and the winning skaters' time (male and female).

  • Eligibility

    The adidas Runners City Night Inline Skating is organised according to the regulations for competition of the German Roller Sports and Inline Federation (DRIV). Participants aged 15(age group 2007) and older are authorized to attend the race. On the course, only inline skates (wheel size max. 125 mm ) and classical roller skates are permitted. Helmets are obligatory for all inline skaters. No helmet - no start and disqualification! Further protective equipment is recommended.

  • Event schedule and time limit

    7:10 pm 
    10 km inline skaters

    Further competitions:

    7:50 pm 5 km runners
    8:30 pm 10 km runners

    All times subject to change! The race will start regardless of the weather, unless a weather warning from the German Weather Service exists.

    time limit: 45 minutes

  • Extras

    Medal engraving: 10.00 EUR

    Have your medal engraved with your name and personal finishing time after the finish.


    25/7 RISE UP N RUN TEE 40.00 EUR

    The lightweight and breathable fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin so you stay dry and cool every step of the way.

    The 360° reflective material helps you to be seen when it matters, especially in low-light conditions.

    At any time of the day, year, temperature or pace the t-shirt is providing you the best experience staying dry and cool during your run. The used primeblue materials prevent plastic from reaching the ocean and the blend of mesh and non-mesh makes the t-shirt extremely breathable.

    • regular fit
    • crew neck
    • short sleeves
    • 100% recycled polyester (mesh)
    • sleeves and inserts on the back in mesh fabric
    • breathable technologie; 360° reflective material


    The lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric is designed to keep you dry.

    Formotion adapts easily to movements in every direction and provides comfort during your run.

    The 360° reflective material helps you to be seen when it matters, especially in low-light conditions.

    • crewneck
    • sleeveless
    • 100 % recycled polyester (mock eyelet)
    • formotion design; 360° reflective fabric; UV protection
    • This piece is made with recycled polyester to save resources and decrease emissions.


  • Registration confirmation

    Please note: We will not send out written confirmations for the registration. The direct debiting of your bank account is the confirmation that your registration has been successful.

    Please bring a photo-ID (ID-card, passport, driver‘s licence) to receive your starting documents.

  • Registration deadline

    Registration deadline is on July 20, 2020if the participation limit has not been reached.


  • Registration fee

    DateAdultsJuniors/Students (2001 and younger)
    before May 29, 2020 17 Euros 10 Euros
    May 30 - July 20, 2020
    22 Euros 13 Euros

    Late registrations*
    27,00 Euro 16,00 Euro

    For double-start inline skating and running add 10 Euros.

  • Timing / Chips / Chip Return

    Time measurement is done exclusively with the ChampionChip!

    The ChampionChip is a small plastic transponder that has to be fastened on your skate (no metal contact!) and will measure your personal race time.

    Four different possibilities, your choice:

    1. Owner of a chip:

    Please provide your chip number (seven-figure combination of digits and letters) during the registration process.

    2. Chip purchase: you can purchase your chip during registration, it’s this easy:

    • Price: 31 Euros
    • The amount will be billed together with your other fees
    • Your data will be saved in our system
    • The chip will be delivered via postal mail
    • You can use the chip for many different running events worldwide

    3. Chip rental:

    • You choose chip rental during registration
    • The one-time rental fee is 4 Euros
    • Return the chip within two hours after the event

    4. Chip-rental with purchase option:

    • You choose chip rental during registration
    • The one-time rental fee is 4 Euros
    • You do not return the chip but rather keep it after the event -> the purchase option is triggered!
    • 25 Euros (difference between the already payed rental fee and purchasde price) will automatically be billed to your provided method of payment.

    Chip return

    There are different locations within the finish area where you can return your chip until 10:30 pm.
    Not returning the chip until 10:30 pm will trigger the purchase option (see #4).

  • Insurance

    The cancellation insurance will be processed via the product “Entry Ticket Insurance” by ERGO Reiseversicherung AG. It is an insurance covering the price of an entry ticket (here: registration fee for the event) purchased for an individual event.

    10 km Inlineskating
    Adult Youth
    until May 29, 2020 0,99€
    May 30 to June 20, 2020 0,99€

    What is insured?

    • You are insured in case you cannot attend the event due to an insured event.

    Insured events are e.g.:

    • Unexpected serious illness.
    • Serious accidental injury.
    • Death.
    • In case you cannot visit the event due to an insured event, the registration fee including the fees will be payed.
    • Sum insured: corresponds to the insured registration fee.

     What is not insured?

    • If you do not attend the planned event because it does not take place or is postponed.

    Please find out more in the online- registration or in the insurance information.

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