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SCC-RUNNING Announces a Record of Participation for 2004

Since 1964 SCC-RUNNING registered 1.393.477 participants in 365 races.


SCC-RUNNING finishes the year 2004 with a new record of participation. With a total of 129.367 runners, Germany’s biggest running organizer had as many participants as never before in its 40-year history. “We are proud that we were able to continue the trend this year and hope we will continue this successful development in 2005”, Race Director Mark Milde said.
Since 1964 SCC-RUNNING registered 1.393.477 participants in 365 races.

Winner was Christian Goy
At the traditional Berlin New Years Eve run which took place for the 29th time today, 1,939 runners started. The advanced long-distance (9,9 km) lead over the Teufelsberg, a small mountain in Berlin. Local winners were Christian Goy (SCC Berlin) in 34:15 minutes and Annette Hering (Weltraumjogger Berlin) with 41:50.

A big anniversary run: The 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON
Next year the highlight will be the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 24th and 25th. But already on April 3rd there will be a big anniversary run: The 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON is a race with international class. Further big running events are the AVON RUNNING Berlin women race on May 21st, the HypoVereinsbank 5x5 k Team Relay on June 15th and 16th as well as the Bewag City Night over 10 k on the Kurfürstendamm on August 6th.

The balance 2004 / Numbers of Participation in 2004

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 44.728
AVON RUNNING Berliner Frauenlauf 11.142
real,- BERLIN-MARATHON Frühstückslauf 11.000
Berliner 5x5 km TEAM-Staffel 9.227
real,- MINI-MARATHON 8.023
Bewag City-Nacht 7.924
Berliner Neujahrslauf 3.600
RBB-Lauf 3.347
Berliner Marathon-Staffel 3.199
Campina-Straßenlauf 2.924
Berliner Silvesterlauf 1.492
30-km-Trainingslauf und Nordic Walk 1.939
Berliner Cross-Country-Lauf 1.205
XRace 750
Krebs-Spendenlauf 651
real,- BERLIN-MARATHON Bambinilauf 452
Berliner Gänsebratenverdauungslauf 291
Berliner Team-Marathon 288
Berliner Osterhasenlauf 139
TOTAL: 129.367

Development of Participation during the last few Years

1998 45.377
1999 63.825
2000 81.240
2001 95.885
2002 108.848
2003 123.778
2004 129.367

Total Number of Participants since 1964: 1.393.477 in 365 Events


1st January 2005 Berliner Neujahrslauf
22nd January 2005 Berliner Team-Marathon
27th February 2005 Krebs-Spendenlauf
27th March 2005 Berliner Osterhasenlauf
3rd April 2005 25. Bewag BERLINER HALBMARATHON
24th April 2005 RBB-Lauf
21st May 2005 AVON RUNNING Berliner Frauenlauf
(Women’s Race)
15th and 16th June 2005 HypoVereinsbank TEAM-Staffel
(5x5 k Relay)
6th August 2005 Bewag City-Nacht
(10 k Evening Race on Kurfürstendamm)
21st August 2005 Campina Straßenlauf (Half Marathon)
21st August 2005 XRace (Inline-Skating)
28th August 2005 30-km-Trainingslauf
24th and 25th September 2005 real,- BERLIN-MARATHON
6th November 2005 Berliner Cross-Country-Lauf
20th November 2005 Berliner Marathon-Staffel (Relay)
26th December 2005 Berliner Gänsebratenverdauungslauf
31st December 2005 Berliner Silvesterlauf

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