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The 2nd International Endurance and Sport Medicine Congress

New demands on medicine: The athlete as a special patient


New record number of participants at the 2nd International Endurance and Sport Medicine Congress - New demands on medicine: The athlete as a special patient

More than 800 doctors, sport scientists, and physical therapists met from September 23-25, 2004, for a three-day exchange of information and experiences during a supporting event of the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2004. Its success went well beyond the expectations of the organisers, who put together this second congress under the patronage of the Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Berlin (Berlin Chamber of Industry and Trade), and it demonstrated the success of the practice-based concept which will be further pursued in the future.

The third edition of the event will follow in September 2006.

The athlete as a special patient
With a focus on “ New demands on medicine: The athlete as a special patient“, the congress offered a plethora of information for the daily handiwork of therapists and doctors, whose patients increasingly include endurance athletes. How is a tape bandage applied effectively, according to what parameters should a lactose-performance diagnostic test follow, how are specific running injuries treated, and what does an effective shoe insert look like?

Led by experts who daily deal with sport injuries, the participants received concrete suggestions for practical treatment at a large variety of seminars.

Tour de France, Olympic Games in Athens, Football World Championship in 2006
In addition to the practical seminars, the sport medicine congress also dealt with the large sporting events from the summer of 2004, including lectures on the sport medical support during the Tour de France. The team doctor of Team Telekom, Dr. med. Lothar Heinrich, offered an impressive look behind the scenes into the medical support for Jan Ullrich and his team colleagues in his lecture.
Just as current was a reflective look at the sport medical care for the German Olympic team in Athens by Professor Wilfried Kindermann.
For the football fans, Dr. Tim Meyer offered an interesting look into the endurance training for the national football team in preparation for the world championships, which will take place in Germany in 2006.

The coordination of the medical support at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON
The 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2004 naturally played in important role in the congress as well. This year alone, there were 680 doctors, emergency personnel, physical therapists, and medical assistants whose duties had to be coordinated. The discourse by Dr. Helmar Wauer from the medical board of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON made clear the extent of the efforts that go on behind the scene of the mass event to assure that all that is humanly possible can be done in case of an emergency.

"A wide spectrum of knowledge"
Through the extensive selection of topics put together in the joint effort of the Humboldt University Berlin, the Berlin Academy for Sport Medicine, and the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, the 2nd Sport Medical Congress offered a wide spectrum of knowledge and many impulses for practical application.

The event was made possible through the support of the main sponsor, Pfizer, together with support from Berlin-Chemie, Takeda Pharma, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Gatorade, Novartis and Servier.

September 2006
After this year’s success, the 3rd International Endurance and Sport Medicine Congress will take place again as part of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON in September 2006.

Gerte John

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