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The BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club now has a total of 1,368 members

The new members presented themselves proudly on the stage


Shortly after 2 p.m. on MARATHON Sunday, following the successful completion of their 10th BERLIN MARATHON, the new members were initiated into the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club according to tradition at the Brandenburg Gate on the "Platz des 18. März".

Most of the new members had already put on their new green t-shirts with the logo of the ancient Greek runner, which all members received as a visible sign of their membership.

All of the new members on the stage were clearly proud of their achievements when they were individually introduced by the announcer and congratulated by Horst Milde and the BERLIN MARATHON record holder, Bernd Hübner (31 times participating). Every runner who has successfully completed a MARATHON has truly earned congratulations. Those runners who are faithful to one event and who keep repeating this achievement-which does not get easier with time-earn the highest recognition and greatest respect. The real,- BERLIN MARATHON is well aware of this and pays great heed to the honoring of this athletic life achievement.

It had just began to drizzle when the public tribute started, and a few of the 10-timers were starting to freeze, so the ceremony was kept short and simple, but certainly unforgettable for the participants.

A few of the new members had not yet reached the finish at the time of the ceremony, but they will be receiving their certificates and t-shirts by mail.

On this Sunday a total of 78 runners and wheelchair athletes successfully completed the BERLIN MARATHON for the 10th time. That brings the total number of members to 1,368 from 15 countries.

Wheelchair athletes:
16 wheelchair athletes - 14 men including 4 from Switzerland, 1 from Austria, 1 from Sweden - 2 women from Switzerland

Female runners:
85 women - 6 from Denmark, 1 from Poland, 11 newcomers this year

Male runners:
1267 - 48 Danes, 10 Swedes, 8 Poles, 7 Swiss, 6 Norwegians, 5 Finns, 5 Austrians, 5 Brits, 2 Frenchmen, 2 Dutch, 1 Czech, 1 Belgian, 1 Spanish, 1 Chinese, 67 newcomers this year.

Here is a list of the newcomers (participants who submitted their qualifications to the MARATHON office before the race). It does not include any participants who submitted their materials to be checked during the MARATHON fair BERLIN VITAL. These names will be announced later.

Jubilee Number First Name Surname City
F188 Renate Ardini Berlin
F183 Hannelore Arndt Berlin
1456 Ralf Becker Waldalgesheim
1454 Michael Beckmann Bruchsal
1432 Heinz Blank Püttlingen
1460 Franz Blaser Groß Glienicke
1442 Josef Bodewig Püttlingen
F184 Marina Boßdorf Berlin
1440 Franz Brünenkamp Oelde
1426 Wolfgang Dittmar Berlin
1459 Tino Dreiser Dintesheim
1466 Horst Düpper Greven
1421 Dirk Eckardt Roth-Eckersmühlen
1427 Norbert Ernst Weinheim
1441 Ralf Eule Wuppertal
1438 Gero Gerewitz Wolfsburg
F189 Barbara Göricke Stadtoldendorf
1448 Helmut Greuel Berlin
1439 Heiko Hackbarth Itzehoe
F191 Siglinde Hacke Berlin
1428 Klaus Harjes Darmstadt
1465 Günter Hetmank Lingen
1429 Dieter Hoffmann Wriedel OT Brockhöfe
1451 Bernd Jäger Jülich
1424 Werner Kiepfer Lichtenwald
1455 Uwe Kirsten Berlin
1457 Michael Kollwig Berlin
1434 Hans Kuper Lingen
F186 Ingrid Kuper Lingen
1446 Günter Laganowski Langenberg
1425 Wilhelm Magnus Hochheim/M
1423 Gero Mensel Berlin
1463 Dieter Meyer Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
1420 Udo Möller Hannover
F185 Barbara Neumann Berlin
1430 Andreas Niedballa Berlin
1419 Georg Pandel Herne
1443 Wolfgang Paulus Münster
1464 Bernd Pöschel Berlin
1445 Holger Renner Lübeck
1447 Sascha Saga Greifswald
1467 Hans-Jörg Schielmann Berlin
1453 Gerhard Schiemann Berlin
1462 Dr. Jürgen Schlütter Bensheim
1461 Dieter Segebart Berlin
1435 Thomas Selke Berlin
F187 Cornelia Stascheit Berlin
1436 Jürgen Steiner Tirschenreuth
1449 Heinrich Timmermann Hamburg
1422 Siegmar Triebel Cloppenburg
1431 Manfred Ucko Dessau
1452 Hermann Veltrup Haren (Ems)
1433 Adolf Wehram Gelsenkirchen
1444 Ralf Wiesenmaier Königsbronn
1450 Dul Wieslaw Jelenia Gora
F190 Susanne Wittmar Hamburg
1468 Dr. Bernhard Wömer Ladenburg

Congratulations to all new members!

Horst Milde and Bernd Hübner

Pictures: Jörg Scheider

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