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A construction company from northern Holland is running for charity

Running to fulfil the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses


In our series about running groups who are training together for the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 26—and with what goals they are coming to Berlin—we are publishing a report today about a running group from Holland.

A construction company from northern Holland is running the real,- BERLIN.MARATHON 2004 for the charity organisation Doe een wens

Early 2004, Etzo Stuitje from the company "Bouwprodukten Zomer" came up with the idea to run a marathon with business colleagues in the construction industry. And because Etzo Stuitje is involved with the foundation "Doe een wens", he decided to find sponsors for the runners to support the foundation. The foundation Doe een wens (Make a Wish) was founded to fulfil the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses. These wishes come in many forms, for instance to be at a race with Michael Schumacher, or to swim with dolphins.

More information about the foundation is available at www.doeeenwens.nl or www.wish.org .

After sending out a letter to various construction companies in Holland, 28 runners showed interest in participating in a marathon, and the choice fell to participate in the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 26.

It was a very diverse group. Some had never run a marathon, while others had already finished 36 marathons. On March 6, 2004, the group got together for the first time for group training. The group was divided into two groups: one without running experience and one with veteran runners.

Each group received its own training programme from trainer Henk Meijer that was to be followed at home, while they met every six weeks for group training in Noordhorn. The first goal was for all of the beginners to be able to run for 2 hours straight by June 1. That goal was achieved. On Saturday, June 5, everyone, despite the heat, was able to keep on running without a break for 2 hours!

The test was a good basis to extend the number of kilometres in the next 10 weeks up to a distance necessary in order to successfully complete a marathon. Unfortunately, two runners had to give up due to injuries in the last 10 weeks, so that 26 runners registered to start in Berlin.

Due to their group training and the test runs, they expect that everyone will be able to finish the marathon. They expect their fastest runner to finish in about 2:40, while the slowest runner will need about 5 hours to finish the 42.195 kilometres.

The group will be cheered on by about 20 fans who will be joining them on their voyage to Berlin to give them as much support as possible.

Joyce Aardema
Bouwprodukten Zomer BV

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