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Thank you for your year-long loyalty to the BERLIN MARATHON

Letter from Horst Milde to the members of the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club


Dear BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club members,

We are pleased to send you the newest edition of Running News with information on everything that is going on with respect to running and the BERLIN MARATHON.

In our last letter we were a little too brief in informing you about the changes going on within our organisational structures of leadership.

As you probably know by now, after 30 years heading the BERLIN MARATHON and 40 years organising races (the first cross country race was on November 8, 1964) and after having reached a certain age in October 2003, according to my plans and right on schedule I stepped down from the “first line” in the daily work of running.

I would like to express my thanks and recognition to everyone who has been there from the start, the participants and runners, as well as the volunteers, for their loyalty and “good condition” over so many years of running.
Whether that loyalty has covered all 30 years of the BERLIN MARATHON - or 40 years of cross country - or “only“ 10 years as a newcomer, this time shared is an important part of our life, whether as organiser or participant.

If you have been following the website of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON, you’ll know that I recently ran for the first time (since 1966) in one of my “own races". That shows that my health is doing better again, and I’m not out of the race yet. However, like the symbolic and real passing of the baton in the TEAM RELAY on June 17, 2004, from Horst to Mark Milde (the new Race Director of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON), this passing of the baton has taken place in the organisational structures, as well.

Mark Milde, together with his team, will now be responsible for the successful organisation of the various races and the real,- BERLIN MARATHON. For me that does not mean an end of my involvement, but a move to the board of directors, where I will continue to be active, and especially at the service of the Jubilees. (I want to still be involved when Bernd Hübner fills up his 50!)

I can assure you that the complete and successful organisational team of SCC RUNNING will continue to make the real,- BERLIN MARATHON the great annual event and running festival that it has been in the past.

Thank you for your decades of confidence and loyalty.

See you on the roads!

Sincerely Yours,
Horst Milde

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