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The Club of the Green Race Numbers at the MARATHON

Bernd Hübner and Christl Heine have been part of the BERLIN-MARATHON the longest


One participant will also be running “his“ 30th anniversary marathon at the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 28.

Bernd Hübner has participated in every marathon since the "First Berlin Peoples Marathon" on October 13, 1974, which started with 286 participants at Waldschulallee 80. He had been a rower at the club BRC, when a friend convinced him to run. He ran 3:38:06 at his premiere in 1974 with new shoes, in which he of course got blisters. He has since learned what shoes to wear, as he has run numerous big races around the world.

Bernd Hübner will start with the green race number “201“. The numbers starting at 201 are reserved for members of the exclusive BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club, which they can keep forever. Whoever has successfully finished the BERLIN MARATHON 10 times is admitted into the Jubilee Club. There are now 1,150 members from 14 countries (74 female and 1060 male runners, and 16 male wheelchair competitors). Closely following Bernd Hübner are Günter Hallas (425) and Wilfried Köhnke (415), both from Berlin, who have participated 27 times, Heinz-Joachim Giesler (203) and Heinrich Waldmann (202) follow with 26 times. Bernd Rödel (206) and Werner Feistel (207) have made it 25 times through the finish of the BERLIN MARATHON.

All those named will be running this year as well. Günter Hallas (LG Nord) is, by the way, the winner of the “First Berlin Peoples Marathon“ in 1974. He ran in 2:44:53 – and is not significantly slower today. Christl Heine (F 101) leads the women with 22 times, ahead of Regina Sowinski (F 102) and Hannelore Reusch (F 103), both with 20. In 1974, there were only 10 women among the 286 participants. All three Berliners are running in this years anniversary marathon. In addition to their green race number on their front, all club members will have an additional bib for their back with the club logo, their name, and the number of times they have completed the race.

55 potential "new" member of the Jubilee Club will be running on September 28, already who have successfully run the BERLIN MARATHON 9 times. They will be able to get their “letters of appointment“ shortly after crossing the finish line.

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